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Vern played with his father in a band called spanish bit in the 90s, and he also played in a rock band called Dirty Looks. He was also a session guitarists for 4 years with various country bands playing in a variety of pubs, clubs and Butlins Holiday Camps all over the south. Vern also played a few festivals including Lakeside.
Vern's father got him invgolved as he was a English country singer in the 70s with Vern's uncle and had a band called the Barrett brothers. They won awards from the Record Mirror at Wembley for best modern country band 1973. After they split up Vern's uncle continued with a solo career as Al Barrett and the Linesmen.
After Vern's father died in 2001 he reformed with Dirty Looks for a while and then joined sidewalk who later turned into The Sidewinders after a lineup change. After The Sidewinders split up, Vern formed The Abject Band with Graham whilst also continuing to play with Chord Of Duty.